3 Main Types of Supplements for Muscle Gain

When a person sets a goal to gain muscles, the first guideline seems perfectly simple: lifting weights, eating supplements for muscle gain. But it’s not so simple. You have to know many things before buying the first supplement you see in the shop.


How Do Our Muscles Work?

The first thing to learn is the work of our muscles. We’ve got two types of muscle fibers: the first helps your body to do exercises focused on endurance; the second is responsible for muscle size and strength.

In order to trigger muscle growth, you have to damage the second type of fiber by lifting such weights that will recruit satellite cells. These are situated on the top of your muscles and are responsible for their growth, as well as for the repair after the workout. For that, they use protein you consume, and this is where you may need supplements for muscle gain.

muscle-supplementsTypes of Muscle-Growth Supplements

Such supplements can order your body to gain muscle weight. Of course, it’s important to consume them only after consulting with your fitness trainer, if you don’t want to end up at the hospital. There are:

  • Testosterone boosters.

Testosterone assists the process of muscle-protein synthesis. If you’re between 18 and 35, this supplement won’t make a big difference, but it will help to put you in the form if you’re older.

  • Growth hormone boosters.

The supply of this essential hormone is extremely important, as your body produces less and less of it with age and increased trainings. Consuming these before sleeping would be the best.

It’s logical that the more energy you get, the harder you work out, building your muscles. You have to make sure you consume the right type of these, as some energy supplements can lead to weight loss. There are:

This vital supplement will improve your breath and blood flow, increasing your training’s benefits. Mind that your body gets resistant to caffeine if you take too much of it, so it’s good to cycle it with other supplements.take

This is a combination of glycine, methionine and arginine, which together give you more ATP for more reps and bigger muscles. Moreover, it gives your muscles the necessary hydration that helps them recover.

These will help you enrich your diet. But you have to remember that supplements for muscle gain are not substitutes. There are:

  • Whey protein.

The most famous supplement, which helps your muscles rebuild themselves after a hard training. That’s why it’s recommended to drink protein shakes right after the exercise.

  • Fish oil.

This fat is full of Omega-3 that is so important for all of us, especially those, who want to gain muscles. It strengthens fibers, increases blood flow and reduces all possible inflammation, helping you recover fast and be ready for the next day’s training.

By  combining these three supplements for muscle gain under your fitness trainer’s supervision you will enrich your diet, making the muscle mass bigger and the body stronger. Create a schedule and follow it thoroughly!

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