Best Fitness Supplements for Fast Fat Burn

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Even if you exercise at your fitness center frequently, the question “Where are my muscles?” may still come to mind. It’s normal, you may not see them, but they’re always there, especially if you exercise. Your muscles are covered with under skin fat, which is pretty important for your body, if not exceeded. Nevertheless, if you want your muscles to look lean, you have to reduce the fat level.

For that, you have to alternate your diet and include some fitness supplements into your routine. For better results, some trainers recommend combining two supplements. Here is a list of 5 great combinations.

  1. Green tea extract and caffeine.

A great advantage of this combination is its’ low price. These ingredients are also added to most fitness supplements for fat burn, as they really work. Caffeine will help you to burn more fat while exercising, as well as while resting. Green tea is a great remedy for your metabolism, freeing fat out of the cells. Make sure not to overdose with this, as any burner is a cardio stimulator.

  1. Carnitine and forskolin.

supplementThis is a hardcore burner, as it maximizes the effect by going to the fat cells at once. After fat is freed, it goes through blood to muscles and works there as a fuel. Forskolin does the first part of the operation, activating the processes that rapidly free fat from the fat cells. This ingredient is also responsible for placing it into blood for it to travel through your body. Carnitine does another half of the operation, which is guiding fat to the mitochondria of certain cells, where it’s to be properly used a fuel for your body.

  1. Ginger and red pepper.

This is the simplest fitness supplement found. Spices improve your metabolism rate, helping your body burn fat faster. This mix will also calm your hunger down, so your daily intake becomes less. Remember, you may lose a bit of muscle weight with the caloric intake reduction. If you are okay with spicy foods, this will work wonderfully for you. If you have some troubles that prevent you from using spices, choose another combination.

  1. Selenium, zinc and calcium.

Minerals are essential for your being lean. Calcium, among all, not only helps burn fat, but also prevents its appearance by controlling the hormone named calcitriol. Selenium is responsible for the stability of your metabolism. Zinc is highly important for metabolism, too, especially if you exercise professionally. Being low in zinc guarantees you a low metabolism level, causing more fat.

  1. Whey and soy protein.

Protein must be the most famous fitness supplement. This option is perfect if you want to save or even increase your muscle mass and reduce fat mass simultaneously. Using both types of protein powder will give you a chance. Make sure to combine these supplements with healthy meals and thorough workouts.

There are many more combinations that will suit your body, every choice has to be individual. Before switching to fat burn, make sure to have a medical consultation and ask your trainer for some recommendations.

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