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We decided to set up this blog when we found out just how confusing and lonely, training on your own could be.

On your own, trapped on the running machine is not a nice place to be. So although we didn’t quit training at home, we decided to join a gym. But we were still lonely!

Maybe we weren’t on our own anymore, but we were still by ourselves. A lot of people go to the gym on their own, trapped in their own little world, with their headphones on and we thought it would be nice if people talked to each other once in while – so we started this blog to swop stories principally.

Because no one wants to be thought of ‘that guy’ who randomly talks to people and annoys them, we thought we would put it online, where we won’t annoy anyone busy working out, but still could reach out to people in gyms.

Now, there are at least five regular contributors and we have a couple more on a part time basis. If you wish to submit something to our site, please use the contact us button – we would be delighted to hear from you.

To begin with, we were lonely gym goers, slurping our protein shakes by ourselves, but now we have a lively virtual community, with online contributors and comments.

Chat to us about which protein shakes worked for you and which ones just made the air around your underpants a bit err fruity,

One of our regular bloggers is a professional personal trainer and another is a gym owner, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

If you’ve got any tips about building those muscles, which supplements worked for you or how to beat the lonesome training blues, we want to hear them!